Other projects that I've done or contributed to.

An easy downloader for the European AirBase air quality data. Read the Docs | pip install airbase
An open source bot & crawler traffic verification tool
Occasionally I find something to fix or add :)
    A rate limited wrapper for Python's thread safe queues. Read the Docs | pip install ratelimitqueue
    My sister and I's collection of (mostly) original Dutch/English jokes. We think we're hilarious. Hosted on GitHub.
    A Reddit bot to improve mobile viewing and provide interactive Binder links for Jupyter Notebooks. Hosted on a RaspberryPi.
    The source for this website!
    Info website for my wedding. Hosted on GitHub.
    A small collection of explanatory notebooks about basic neural network concepts.
    A little blackjack game I made to teach myself basic JavaScript syntax. Source on GitHub