Other writing and talks

A (probably incomplete) list of other things I've written and said, which are now scattered around the internet.

engl_ish: Simulate your language. ish. (video)
Talk — PyData Amsterdam

Trusted Analytics - Mind the gap (link|mirror)
with Maurice op het Veld | Compact — KPMG

Tree-Level N-Point Amplitudes in String Theory (link|mirror)
Master Thesis — Uppsala University

Determining the Optimal Path to Fusion at the Joint European Torus (mirror)
Bachelor Thesis — Amsterdam University College & Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER)

Modeling the Joint European Torus Ramp-up in RAPTOR (file download link|mirror)
AUC Undergraduate Journal of Liberal Arts & Sciences - Open Issue Vol. 4 — Amsterdam University College

Nothing, in Particular (link|mirror)
IBHA Origins — Amsterdam University College